We've been constantly challenging ourselves, from a small team of freelance developers joining forces to a mature company offering a range of development services. The one thing we never lost sight of is the success and wellbeing of our colleagues and clients.


What drives us


We are a people-centralized company. We care mainly about the people we work with and what comes out of that sinergy. We encourage every single person to grow using every tool the company has access to.


Gaining your trust is our full-time job. And we won’t earn it by always agreeing. We will discuss the solution with you and discover the best way to solve the problem.

Customer Success

We are not afraid of saying something is better done by a third party. We are aiming for a long term relationship with our clients and sacrifices are sometimes made. You can bet you will get our honest opinion with your interests as a priority.

Scalability & Quality

Once we get our hands in a project we’ll make sure the solution is both scalable and of high quality. Because we understand your company is a living form that’s always evolving, we need to make solutions that can adapt to any situation.


We want to be able to handle from the greatest challenges to the smallest needs. Streamlining the path between need and solution.



Work is life,
life's not work.

You’ll find people at Broken Rubik to be honestly interested and committed to the work they do. The balance is that rules are not rigid and we all trust a teammate will do their best for the project to move forward. Each person here is responsible for their own time. We care about getting things done and not punching in the time.

Career Paths

Each individual gets to define their own career path. Specific goals give us visibility of where we are going. There’s a constant negotiation between personal objectives and collective objectives to make every interest work within the system.

Periodic Evaluations

Along with keeping open channels of communication, and collectively creating spaces of discussion, we’ve set a periodic individual evaluation. This is the perfect time to give and receive feedback. To learn about the intricacies of the day by day, address any worries and set expectations.

Horizontal Management

The leaders are defined by experience and will to lead, and they will be the ones others refer to when a technical problem arises. Hierarchy at Broken Rubik is defined by who can give us answers in moments of need, however, individual action and decisions are encouraged and expected to be practiced! It’s outside of the box that creativity thrives.



One Yellow Star

Mercedes Lerena

Operations | Co-Founder


Gustavo Cañete

Development | Co-Founder


Joaquín Vigna

Research and Academy | Co-Founder


Sebastián Correa

UI/UX Developer | Co-Founder


Federico Franco

Web Designer & Front-end Developer


Leandro Basignani

Web Developer


Marcos Mansilla

Technical Lead


Cristina Sánchez

People Operations Manager


José Ramón Estévez

Technical Lead


Martina Karszensztejn

Backend Developer


Elba Hornos



Joel Piña

Web Developer


Milagros Bonjour



Camila Pérez

Academy Trainee


Lucas Goyeche

Web Developer


Alejo Olivero

Backend Developer

You Here

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How we

We listen to new ideas. We explore them. We make mistakes. We learn. We share. We are in constant improvement. Adapting.
We might not be perfect but that’s because perfection is boring.

Our Communities


We are part of an enormous community of developers, product and project managers, and designers that we respect and are proud to be part of. This community thrives in exchanging information and answering each others’ questions.


The line between client and peer is very thin. We work together because we are part of the same team and have the same goals. We keep an open communication, set the correct expectations and only make promises we can keep.


Whenever something new comes up, that team shows what they’ve learned. We invest in cool internal projects to take our minds off the day to day task. We use Notion and Google Drive as our knowledge library, we use Discord to share thoughts, questions and ideas, and we use the kitchen to discuss the latest news.

A picture of the Broken Rubik Team

The Place

Our headquarters are in a small quiet residential neighborhood in Montevideo, Uruguay, called Carrasco. We’ve made the decision to move a bit farther from some of our homes to benefit from the greenery, the birds and the trees. Imagine that in summer we keep our sliding doors open to the garden and we can see the sunlight hitting the grass. In winter we work by the fire.

Coffee is our fuel.